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SS21- Agnes Collection Inspiration

AGNES SLEEVE TOP Our first launch from the SS21 Collection is ‘Agnes’. Why the name Agnes? Evident through the patterned, textured backgrounds in our images, our new collection is influenced by well-regarded artists, in this case Agnes Martin.  Agnes Martin brings a whole level of serenity to her artworks, using slightly off-quilter lines and pastel colours to offer a meditative experience of her large-scale works.  As you can tell from our Agnes items, there is a focus on line, frill and tassels to create a variety of different pieces – just as Agnes Martin used line and colour to form a variety of artworks. AGNES KAFTAN  As some of you may know, her work celebrates the abstract joys of being,...

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Yes! It's Holiday Season

Packing Sustainably Fab for the Holiday Season. The Easter Holidays are approaching and we all want to look fab at the beach. As we are living in the global warming era let's keep up the sustainability trend and shop consciously. We all know that when the holiday season arrives we are all gonna run to the shopping mall to get THAT specific garment that is going to make us look like Shakira at the Super Bowl final. Soooo, my loves.. I want to give you all a really special tip: SHOP THOUGHTFULLY! Shop quality not quantity, shop because you love the garment and not because it's cheap. Shop, and make it last.  Now that I've convinced you to invest in a couple of new Summer items...

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